M. Tamer Mescioglu has gained over 15 years of experience as an executive in pharmaceutical sector. He has achieved success in sales, marketing and also in several social responsibility projects.

He has established Vest Dis Ticaret in 2003 and leveled up his experiences in nutrition sector both with wholesale and distribution agreements. Vest Dis Ticaret has penetrated Turkish market with the brands like Splenda, Nestle, Ferrero, Mars, Kinder, Ritter Sport, Wrigleys etc. through it’s franchisees, both global and local supermarket and drugstore chains.

Vest reaches a very wide range of channel with its distribution partners both in health and nutritional sectors.


Necati Akyazıcı has started his business life with establishing Canan Kozmetik in 1981. Short after introducing its shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel and baby shampoo products under the brand name “Ipek”, Canan Kozmetik became market leader in shampoo market as well as becoming the biggest shampoo producer in Turkey.

In 2000’s, Ipek has reached a market share of %20 in shampoo and has gained %35 of the market share in conditioner by volume. Besides it’s powerful distribution net and success in Turkey, Ipek has become a well-known and highly demanded brand in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Georgia as well as the Balkan States, such as Romania, Bulgaria and North African countries like Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria etc. In 2008, Canan Cosmetics was in the second 500 of the industry organization by its 15 million dollar export and a total of 60 million dollar turnover.

As a construction engineer, in the year 2008, Necati Akyazıcı has sold his shares to the global cosmetics leader L’Oreal and entered construction business by establishing Canan Yapı. Also in the construction business, with its first project with 64000-squaremeter indoor area, Canan Residence become one of the most remarkable project in construction sector in Istanbul.

Additionally, Necati Akyazıcı has founded Vest A.ş. with Tamer Mescioğlu. He is targeting to gain new successes with Vest A.Ş. -in the fast moving consumption goods sector-, in which he is very well experienced before.